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We are a family friendly establishment. We offer non-alcoholic refreshments, snacks, and games for the young ones. For those children without adult supervision, we will provide energy drinks and a baby rabbit for the ride home.

We do allow pups in our outside area, but must be on a leash. Please leave rabid, blood-thirsty, werewolves at home. We do offer home delivery of 'leftovers' for owners that don't pick up after their dogs. It will arrive in an unmarked paper bag with flames coming out the top.

Please park in designated spots only. Cars that are in non-designated spots will be immediately crushed and sold for beer money.

We want to maintain safety for all our patrons, so social distancing and mask use will be according to current state, county, and federal regulations. If you drive with your mask on, please don't park next to any other vehicle. We wouldn't want your car to infect its neighbor.

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Please drop us a note, pics of you in our swag, reviews of our beer, comments on our service, or whatever else you feel like you must get off your chest. Remember. we are a family-friendly establishment, so keep it clean.

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